T2G Quad Mic Preamplifier



The T2G microphone preamplifier is a four channel mic preamp with each channel being based around two dual triode vacuum tubes in a cascode configuration. T2G stands for transformer to grid meaning that the input transformer connects directly to the first tubes control grid. The features are very basic but nothing short of what is required to amplify your mic signal in a controlled and sonically pleasing way. Each channel has it’s own analog Vu meter, gain arm, phantom phase and pad switch, and output attenuator. It takes up 3 rack spaces and the power supply takes up two rack spaces or can built as a floor box to hide away behind your racks. It is transformer balanced in and out with CineMag and EDCOR transformers and has a very attractive intentionally aged look. If you want a beautiful vintage sounding tube mic preamp and to impress your talent with your gear, look no further.

The T2G costs $3,200 USD and has a wait time of approximately 2 months as it is built to order. We offer a 3 year functional warranty on anything outside of liquid or physical damage. Wooden rack case not included.


Neutric XLR Input and Output Jacks

Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs

+60dBu of Gain

-20 dBu Input Pad

Variable Output Pad

Regulated +48VDC Phantom Power

Phase Reverse

Fused IEC Power Inlet

DC Tube Filament Supply

RC Filtered HT Supply

1% THD+N Ratio Driving a -37dBu 1k Sinusoid to +4dBu

3u Main Unit

2u Rack Mount or Floor Box Power Supply

Large Mains Switch

Large Gain Crank Arms

Variable Gain Potentiometers

Intentionally Aged Enclosures