Dan Korneff – Engineer for Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Lamb of God, and more

“The T2G is solid, mid range focused, and great on guitars.” ( in reference to the T2G Rackmount version )

Kevin Bernsten – Developing Nations Recording

These preamps have a nice big low end, open top, and solid midrange, and they sound great on just about anything. Set clean, they’re big and lush, and thanks to the output pad, they can be driven for more aggressive tones. Killer on bass and guitar cabs! ( In reference to the T2G Rackmount version )

Will Putney – Engineering credits for Every Time I Die

“It sounds a little bit better than what I was just using on vocals.” ( in reference to the T2G Rackmount version )

Matt Meli – The Orb Studio in Austin Texas

Jon came by Orb Recording Studios here in Austin to get some demo material and I was lucky enough to engineer and hear these preamps, and I can tell you they are beautiful. Tons of depth and fatness, mellow but super clear at the same time. We had Alan parsons in doing a seminar the day before and his drum tech had our P.ellis kit tuned up nice. I put up two Coles in front of the kit, and a 57 on snare, and some Fet on kick, I can’t remember which. All 4 T2G Pre’s straight to Pro Tools, skipped the SSL, and it was sonically amazing. I was able to add tons of top end to the tracks, super smooth and really low noise. I love tubes on drums. And I’m lucky i get to track with Gates and Telefunken pre’s at work and I can’t wait to get my hands on these, same vibe, less noise, and NEW!