T2G Desktop Edition

T2G Desktop

The T2G Desktop Edition is the single channel version of the original T2G which is a 4 channel cascode tube microphone preamplifier. Industry professionals requested a single channel portable version to be made available and this is our response. The T2G Desktop Edition is slightly different in it’s features than the original T2G but it has the same exact audio gain circuitry. Therefore, it sounds identical.

The T2G Desktop Edition costs $1,200.00 USD and there is currently only one in our inventory. It takes 2 months to build a T2G Desktop Edition when they are out of stock.


Neutric XLR Input and Output Jacks

Transformer Balanced Input and Output

Over 60dBu of Gain

-15dBu Input Pad

-9dBu Output Pad

Low Impedence Switch

Regulated +48VDC Phantom Power

Phase Reverse

Adjustable Peak Indication LED ( usually calibrated to +12dBu ) To Help catch Transients That The Meter Can’t Detect

Adjustable Vu Meter Buffer ( usually calibrated so that +4dBu shows -7dB on the analog meter )

1/4″ Direct Input

Jewel Lamp Power Indicator

Fused IEC Power Inlet

DC Tube Filament Supply

Classic RC Filtered HT Supply

0.08% THD+N Ratio

Portable Enclosure 177mm L x 300mm W x 105mm H

Large Mains Switch

Large Gain Crank Arm

12 Step Dial Plate

Variable Gain Potentiometer

Intentionally Aged Enclosure