Wise gear choices must be made in order to help the engineer succeed in making a good recording and thus a good mix. We believe that intelligent people notice workable patterns that can be replicated in order to achieve specific and sometimes difficult goals. American Bison Audio has the know how and experience to know which circuit topologies, component types, and electronic component brands have gained respect in the recording industry. It is with this knowledge that we want to give you the edge you need to make your mixes and studio stand out.

       There are different kinds of engineers to cater to. Some are more about specs and numbers and they search for the lowest noise, best slew rate, most features, etc. and all for the lowest price. Those can be great concepts for people who want to provide a functional service in a way that gets the job done. That kind of gear is great for people who only care mostly about getting from A to B smoothly and precisely. Then there are engineers who understand why many of the most successful recording studios are stuffed wall to wall with esoteric real world equipment that have noticeable and beautiful analog “imperfections” like even order harmonics, THD, artifacts from stray effects, and other unintended results that we are used to hearing mixed in with records we love. These latter archetypes of recording engineers understand that there are characteristics to certain pieces of equipment that perform subjectively, the best for certain tasks – even when there is a plentitude of other high end options designed to handle the same task experienced mix engineers tend to know what they like in their racks and keep it there. We understand the demand for such equipment and it is our goal to design such integral pieces.